Gum Recession


What is gum recession? 

When the gums recede, the root gets exposed. This leads to teeth that look longer than what they really are (looking “long in the tooth”). This is called “gum recession” and it’s considered irreversible damage.

Gum grafting is the solution for many of the gum recession situations. Gum recession is highly influenced by teeth grinding and how you take care of your teeth. Our doctors will diagnose the problem and offer the grafting procedure that is the most appropriate for your situation. Our doctors are versed in all types of grafting. We are specialized in a technique where we can graft many teeth (a full arch and a full mouth) without using the roof of the mouth but rather using donor tissue. This technique is very comfortable with minimal side effects.

Gum Recession Symptoms and Solutions

When the gums recede, the teeth look long. Exposed roots also make the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold beverages  Later on, exposed root surfaces are more prone to dental decay.

The solution is a gum grafting procedure that we will recommend to you. There are many different types of procedures we specialize in. Some procedure are recommend using your own donor tissue and in some we use tissue from a tissue bank. We commonly use growth factors in gum grafting and we will advise you what the procedure for you is.

If receding gums are not treated, the sensitivity will likely increase and dental decay might happen.

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