Extractions & Bone Grafting


The process of dental extraction is simple

Teeth can break to the point where they cannot be saved. Infections and periodontal disease can cause severe bone loss and severe symptoms that can resolve only with an extraction. A tooth extraction might sound scary, but in reality it is possible to extract a tooth quickly and painlessly.

The extracted tooth leaves a large gap in the bone especially if there is an infection.

After tooth extraction, it’s important to replenish the missing bone through a process called “bone grafting”. It is usually done immediately after an extraction to preserve the original amount of bone. This is so that an implant can be placed later on, and so that you can regain chewing function. Bone grafting is simple and safe.

In case you have lost a tooth and didn’t have it replaced, you have noticed a concave area because of bone atrophy.

These areas can be grafted using a bone graft with growth factors.

Leaving hopeless teeth in your mouth will seriously compromise your oral health and your general medical condition. Active infected teeth will continue and cause further bone loss affecting adjacent teeth and composing them.

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